Three Easy Ways To Improve Your SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about getting in front of your customers, on search engines. Although understanding user intent through search remains a key to converting your customers and getting the right audience, you still need to ensure that you have an optimized website and are looking to increase your website authority to ensure that Google knows you’re taking this seriously.

Here’s three simple ways to improve your SEO that any local entrepreneur or business owner can implement into their digital marketing strategy:

Optimizing Your Website (Technical)

Technical SEO concentrates on key aspects relating to how your website speaks to search engines.

Plenty of simple ways that you can ensure that you are optimizing your website technically would be:

  • Reduce the loading speed of your page
  • Make sure images are optimized to load quickly
  • Ensure is mobile responsive
  • Make sure you display important information “above the fold” (what the viewer sees on your website without scrolling down)
  • Remove “duplicate URLs” (http://www. and www.)

To test your technical SEO and get a view of your Google and other search engines will view your website, try out these free SEO tools available to you throughout the web:

Google Webmaster Tools

HubSpot Website Grader

SEO Report Card

Content Marketing

Content marketing means that you produce content that is appealing to your audience, and helps rank you in search engines for topics that are relevant for your customers and target audience.

Providing value to your customers and educating them on topics that are important to them matter. Think about it like this. Recently, I was setting up a business. After researching the logistics of it, what business structure I could take and how I wanted to register for VAT, all of those things you have to consider as you start a business, I ended up hiring a company through their content to help me with filing my taxes and delisting an old business I have from 2016.

Without that piece of content, they wouldn’t have got my custom. And they wouldn’t have hit me at that part of the sales cycle. My intention was to find some help in getting all the logistics of registering my business sorted out. I didn’t type “Help starting my business”, I typed in the search term: “how to strike off off a limited company” after I had spoken to a local accountant about my situation. This led me to the current company’s article, and ultimately they ended up with my business.

Content marketing is going to be key when you want to get in front of customers who are ready to buy. Putting a content marketing strategy in place can be hard, but it will benefit your SEO tremendously, and is said to be the only form of marketing that can differentiate you from your competitor, and content can help your small business reach new customers.

By utilizing content, you can successfully:

  • Reach people who are actively searching for relevant topics
  • Provide guides, how-to articles and proactively look to engage your audience with valuable and insightful content
  • Showcase you are actively up to date with your industry

Social Media & Google+

Utilizing social media and in particularly Google+ Business Listings will allow you to enhance your SEO quite easily and quickly as a small business.

There’s no magic tools in this game, just a strategy that will help you enhance your website authority.

The fact is, Facebook Pages and LinkedIn Company Profiles – they are optimized for SEO. If you have consistent branding, information and are actively engaging with audiences throughout all social profiles, your SEO improves. Another obvious one with social media is your content. If your content is being shared by others throughout social media, this basically benefits your SEO as it shows Google that your content is ultimately having an impact.

In short, a quick and easy tip for small businesses: register a business page on Google+ Listings, register your services across Yell and other local business listing companies and ensure that the information you have across social media is consistent and up to date (Website URL, Address, Phone Number, all that).

In regards to your social media marketing, your content should be the main drive behind showcasing your expertise and driving traffic to your website. Although you should encompass a strategy that also allows for influencer networking, engaging, entertaining and insightful posts full of imagery, contests, freebies and much more across your social platforms, content should be a huge part of your social media strategy.


Remember, there are no “secrets of the industry”, there is nothing elusive about this. It’s about raising your website authority through relevant and quality content, having a website that is relevant to your industry and contains the keywords they are using in their search terms, and having a consistent business profile across the web. If you want to know more about SEO, read my very simple explanation that will help you understand just exactly what “Search Engine Optimization” is.