Let me guess. You don’t want to alienate your company and constant look to sell your own services. You feel like you are being pushy or over-salesy with your posts, so you’ve stopped becoming a daily and consistent voice on your social media channels.

Sales and marketing has been portrayed as a cry for attention, and we’ve been taught throughout our lives not to sell or promote ourselves, and whilst I agree you shouldn’t look to oversell your customers, and that we should really strive to offer a balance of free content that is advise and educational, you should also promote your own services in your online presence..


Today I will show you three simple ways to state your intention to sell your customers, and how these can be magnificently effective.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is effective in stating your intention whilst giving advise and guidance to your audience. Through content marketing, you can attract relevant people to your website, promoting articles and blogs that look to help them solve their problems.

Providing “How-To” (if you’re offering a service) articles or perhaps sharing recipes of food (that would make sense if you’re a restraint), you can engage with your target audience whilst informing them and showcasing your expertise and knowledge in your chosen discipline.

Throughout this work, and as you showcase that expertise and knowledge, you should be striving to also highlight the benefits of your service. One example of this would be, whilst you are writing about an “how-to” article on how you would claim back on your PPI, you had a link to the claims management service you provided alongside the article to highlight the fact you actually offer that service (it sounds stupidly obvious, but a lot of the time it has to be).

The tip in the part of the article would be; content marketing is a great strategy, but ultimately you want your visitors to convert. You need your articles to drive attention to your product and service, whilst you showcase your expertise in your industry. Which brings us nicely on to the next point..

A Call To Action

A simple call to action. Sounds so easy, doesn’t it? Did you know that many companies often miss the call to action from their online marketing strategies?

A call to action in digital marketing is like asking for the close when you’re selling over the phone, or in a client meeting. If you don’t ask for the close, you can’t expect the business. Similarly, if you don’t provide a call to action within your marketing efforts, you’ll lose conversions and sales online.

You don’t want to over-sell, but if you do step one right (content marketing), then you can provide insightful information throughout your email and social media marketing. A call-to-action doesn’t always have to be “BUY OUR PRODUCT” or “HIRE ME”, but it can be an offering for a simple e-book download in exchange for an email address or phone number on your website, which can serve you in later marketing campaigns when you are looking at prospecting potential customers through your email marketing, or perhaps a phone call.

Or, it could actually be “Hire Our Services” or “Buy Our Product”, or if you offer a free consultation, you could perhaps direct people to your phone number or provide a contact form at the end of your blog. But literally, a call to action is literally that; directing someone to take further action that will lead to them contacting you for your service or product.

Free Trial

Promote your services with a free trial. Why wouldn’t you? The intention: get your business. How? Free trial. Anyone loves something for free, and it gives you a chance to actually work your magic with your clients before they part way with any cash. And if you do a good job, the good clients will keep you (who wanted to work with someone who would take your services for free, but not pay you and keep your services again when or if they indeed needed them? Not someone you want to work with!)

A free trial always entices audiences, and you certainly aren’t over-selling yourself. In fact by every definition, you want underselling yourself. But this is marketing, and what else did you expect? If you believe in yourself, you would offer a free trial, that way you could prove your worth, and put your money (and time) where your mouth is.

That’s why we do it….

Speaking of the intent to sell. We want to work with you, and your business. We believe that we have the ideas, creativity, time, resources and energy to invest in your company and make an impact.

Could you use an helping hand in your marketing efforts? Do you think digital marketing could help your organisation reach more customers?

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