SME Social Creates Tenth Website and Relaunches Brand

In the first article for May (I know, it’s late!) after recently receiving my new laptop (I’ve been literally out of action after my laptop broke down on me unexpectedly!), I’m proud to announce we’ve finally developed ten websites for our clients, and relaunched our own brand and website, with a much more structured model of work and package updates.

Apologies on the lack of content in May. I preach producing content daily, as a one-man agency/entrepreneur I have been juggling between client websites and some new content marketing work I’ve had for the last couple of weeks, so I can only apologise for not producing regular content so far this month. My main concern is that my client’s content and social media pages are up to date.

The good news is that after a couple of intensive weeks working on client projects, I’ve now got plenty of ideas on what people are struggling with and I am looking to redefine my content marketing strategy to be full of guides and helpful, practical content that small business owners will be able to use within their digital marketing strategy.

They can take a laptop from the man, they can’t take the power to buy a new one away from him.

Karl meets the Dell Inspiron equipped with an SSD hard-drive and i7 core processor.. it’s a recipe for a great quality blog every single day if you ask me.

First steps: brand update

We are proud to announce our brand new website design this week.

I have been personally working on the website for the last two weeks, with the changes finally going live today.

This has included a new service structure, new brochures, a new website design and other print material (business cards, posters). We will slowly be taking our marketing multi-channel (print an digital!) after a successful launch and having a well structured digital marketing strategy for the next twelve months.

Ten websites created

The real reason for the update was that I now have my tenth portfolio piece, as local businesses continue to trust us to build their brand. You can view our portfolio to view all of our work, which will continue to be updated this month after we have completed some on-going projects.


It’s been a pleasure to work with all the local businesses and individuals across the UK (and world!) in the last three months and welcome any requests for work within website design, content marketing and social media marketing. As a service designed to provide one to one support, we only take on a limited amount of clients so you can rest assured that your business is taken seriously. Get in touch today for a free consultation on how our services could help you today on 07904008731.