Ten Tips For Branding Yourself Online: The Tradesman

Brand yourself as a tradesman online with our ten tips to help you gather more interest, brand yourself appropriately and ultimately generate more leads online.

Are you a local tradesman who wants to get more contracts and do more business within your local community?

People are spending their time online, it doesn’t matter where you are or what industry you’re in, if you want to get noticed you need have a web presence.

But it’s not just all about social media, and your website. There are other things you need to know too. Here’s ten tips that I give local tradesman all the time when speaking to them, in fact I help them set all of this up if they need to as part as my digital package, but a lot of them will take the time to do this themselves.


Get yourself a website

First things first, you need yourself a website.

The fact is, a website is what will allow you to brand yourself professionally and be treated like an organisation, not just a person.

Not only that, but if utilized properly it can allow potential customers to reach you, find your services on Google, and give you a place to showcase your recent work and focus your marketing efforts.

If you’re looking for commercial projects, without a website you’re going to lose out on potential contracts because they won’t think your company is big enough for the job – I’ve heard this time and time again with my current clients.

Domestic traders, you want to be able to showcase your work and get new clients on a regular basis, right? Your website allows for those people who are in need for your services to find you online and make an enquiry.

Register on Google Business Listings and use Google+

Registering on Google Business Listings will allow you to get much better exposure on Google. Not only will your company show up on Google Maps and be treated like an organisation, but it will give your website and your online brand higher authority within Google Search.

Utilizing Google+, to showcase current projects, post links to your service, and generally as a social media platform to provide value to your customers (read more about content marketing here) can be extremely helpful to your online presence and I’d recommend every trader to use this free platform.

Without doing this, you’ll have an hard time finding customers online who are ready for your services and are currently in need. Can you remember the last time you searched Google for a service in a hurry, and did business with one of the “Businesses” listed on Google Maps? It happens every day, and if you’re not there, your competitors are.

Register on local directories

Local directories are still used, and it’s great to have consistent and update to date information on the directory sites.

As with the Google+ Business Listing, getting yourself on the listings that are either local to your area or specific to your company should be one of the first steps as a tradesman.

This is especially important, as when people are viewing companies on these listings, they are already qualified customers. What I’m saying is that, if people are on local directories, you can be sure they’re actively looking for a service likes yours.

As well as this, for traders there are specific directories you can register on that will help you get noticed by customers:




If you’ve not looked into those already, I would suggest it would be a great place to start.

Be active within tradesman forums

Online forums are still alive, and if you can be an active voice within communities online, then why wouldn’t you?

The fact is, people are still looking for answers and there are plenty of active communities online where you can listen to people’s problems, and even sign-up and provide answers. There are a couple of ways this can help you.

  • To inform business decisions
  • To gain exposure
  • To convert customers

The fact is, your customers are there. If you can be an helpful and active community member in your domain, that will definitely go in your favour for generating business online.

Use Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are one of the most underutilized resources in this industry.

The fact is, people who use Facebook return to the platform every single day, and there’s millions of them. And guess what? They’re all looking to be influenced.

Facebook Groups is possibly the best way to do that. You don’t have to set up your own group, but there are three primary ways tradesman can use groups:

  • Provide insight
  • Engage with customers
  • Showcase recent work

Content marketing is powerful in trades!

If you’re really wanting to get customers coming through your door, you need to take content marketing seriously. Utilizing this can allow you to gain a great amount of exposure, whilst also showcasing your work, your expertise and giving your customers insight into how your services or products really help them.

Here’s some ideas for blogs for tradesman, and why I believe it’s one of the best industries (tradesman) to use content within.

Ideas for blogs
  • Ten best loft conversions ideas (inspirational, persuasive)
  • Ten ways to stay safe with your home electrics (informational)
  • How to (educational, guide)
How to get ahead

Local tradesman and businesses are not particularly going hard on Facebook and with their content strategy. Can you imagine being a local business, and you’re competing for attention with the big-names due to your content? This can be reality if you publish a blog a day.

Think about having an online presence, and within a year you have 365 blogs. Using the 70% value, 20% promotion and 10% experimental, that means you’d have:

  • 255 blogs that are educational, guides
  • 73 blogs that highlight the benefits of your services and works to sell your customers on doing business
  • 37 blogs to allow for experimental content that engages your audience

How would that help your image, branding and business? A lot.

Showcase your work (professionally) in a portfolio online

It’s alright have photographs across your social platforms, and using Facebook to showcase your work – but that’s not the most efficient way to do it.

Take for instance, the way I have my portfolio. The design work I’ve done, the websites and each step of my client’s process has been drawn out for you – so you can see the benefits and what I am truly doing for customers.

This gives people a spot to come and view my work online, and allows me to professionally showcase my work to my audience. No matter what, they type in www.smesocialmedia.com/portfolio – and my most recent work is there.

Utilizing your website and making sure you have a professional way to showcase your work would be one of the best tips I could give any tradesman. Why? Because it allows you to stand out from the crowd.

Get on social, and not just Facebook

Facebook is great, but are you on Twitter? Do you have Instagram? LinkedIn, how do you use that? What about Google+?

I’d say the above five social platforms would be the best choice for tradesman, regardless of if you’re in a B2B or B2C environment I think you can make use of them all.

Twitter is great to keep up with industry news, and showcase your expertise whilst trying to engage with potential contractors and clients.

Facebook is pretty obvious, and I’ve covered (go to: Groups)

LinkedIn is excellent to find people who are ready to do deals, and particularly great to find contractors and potential clients for both B2B and B2C sales. You should register a company page on there so professionals who are actively looking to prospect for new deals can proactively discover your company.

Google+ allows you to direct traffic to your content and showcase your recent work, and works well in small doses to raise your website authority over time.

Instagram is brilliant to keep people engaged with your recent work and showcase yourself on-the-job, giving your brand personality.

You see, there’s plenty of social platforms. Utilize them all if you want to escape obscurity and gain new business online as a tradesman.


Need help with your digital strategy? We help local tradesman who are looking for both domestic and commercial clients. Let us know how we can help you with your digital strategy today.