Ten Facebook Post Ideas For Small Business To Engage Your Audience

Facebook can be a hard gig. There’s hundreds of thousands of business profiles. Facebook algorithms are forever changing. How can you engage your page followers?

Not much more of an introduction needed, here’s ten Facebook ideas that will help you engage your audience.

Showcase A Customers Journey

One fantastic way to engage with your audience on Facebook is to showcase a customers journey, whether this be through a series of posts (with real-life images to showcase that work) or a video to showcase your latest work, it can be an excellent way to highlight the benefits of your work without looking like you’re trying to sell your followers.

It is also said to be very compelling for potential new customers to see you sharing your experiences with customers on your profile, with a simple example of how this can be a great way to engage your audience below:

Share vs Like

A great way to connect with your audience and drive engagement is the “share” or “like” post. This is a very simple but surprisingly good way to reach many more people with your message whilst also gathering interest from your current followers.

A Contest Post

People join your group and follow you on Facebook based on permission. It can be contruiged that a “like” is just something that is one-way – they are liking you, but it’s not, people like you for a reason; they expect something… People like your page with expectations – studies show this is generally because they expect some form of exclusivity, such as an offer or a contest.

Please note, when you are running a contest, ensure that your prize is relevant to your target audience. You don’t want a load of “freeloaders” liking your page who are never going to be influenced by your message for the free iPhone, when you could be offering a free service to a potential new client or customer instead.

A Special Offer

Again, similar to the above – people want exclusivity. If you can offer an exclusive, limited-time special offer that gives people a special offer on your service for a weekend or for core followers that engage with your post will not only drive engagement but creates customer advocacy.

A Seasonal Post (Or Trending)

People are influenced by seasonal events, whether they are Black Friday, Christmas or Easter and Halloween, you should take advantage of seasonal events.

Not only that, trending events and topics can be a great way to get engagement. Is there something that is trending in your industry that you can get involved in?

Post Your Blog (With Excerpt)

Mixed with content marketing, social media can be great at spreading your own expertise and knowledge, promoting yourself and your company as a thought leader.

By engaging your audience with a specific except from your blog, you have a much huger chance of grabbing their attention and getting them to direct them to your website, or perhaps sharing that with their friends.

Share Industry News

Why not share latest industry news? IF you don’t have time to do content marketing yourself (writing blogs, etc) – then sharing news from your secotr and making on-going commentary on the latest trends within your industry can help you promote yourself as an industry specialist.

Make sure your comments are personal, you back them up with reason and you’re providing something of value and that is different to those around you. Nobody wants to hear the same industry spiel over and over again, put your point of view on it and make it unique to you and the position you take on the matter.

Use Dialect, No Monologue

Don’t speak at people, speak to them. I was having this problem when I first started out professionally.

It’s amazing what a “What do you think?” or a “Do you agree?” can do.

Share Your Story

What is your story? Why did you get into business? What drives and motivates your company to progress?

Share your story, let people engage with your why.

Showcase Your Team & Workplace

An amazing way to really provide some personality to your social media pages is to showcase your workplace and your team. If you’re a one-man band, your personal account should be full of engaging posts for your audience showcasing your work, what you’re currently doing and the journey you’re on as a solo-entrepreneur.

This is one of my favourites, as it gives you a chance to show that you’re human and really connect with your audience (if it’s done right.. if not, it looks far too much like you’re trying to sell yourself)… be discreet!

ANYTHING Besides Promoting Yourself 24/7

The last tip I would suggest for companies – and this is a big one – you should mix things up, do things different. The amount of social media pages I’ve checked out when I’ve been on the phone to a client and all they do is post the same “competition” – the exact same post, picture and prize – every single month, it’s just ridiculous.

Do something different. Engage with your audience. Speak to them. Write a blog.

Promote yourself in the right way, don’t just post on Facebook for the sake of posting on Facebook.