SME Social Limited Is Now Officially A Registered Business

I’ve been doing a lot of blogs recently on digital marketing, with some guides, perspectives and tips on how you can better brand your online marketing.

You’ll see that, my posts have been very frequent for the last eight weeks, with a small drop-off this week in terms of blog posts on the website.. I’ve been really busy with a new client I’ve developed this month and getting contracts, proposals, brochures designed whilst registering the business and finding insurances… yeah, the logistics of opening a limited company.

Finally, I wanted to announce that SME Social Limited is now a registered organisation in the UK, and we’ve opened for trading. As a start-up business, we’ve been working for around eight weeks now. I wanted to give an outline of how this has progressed and what we have developed within just a few short months.

Idea conception – late 2017

The idea of working with small businesses came to me late last night in November time. A friend knew that I’d worked on creating websites heavily as a teenager and asked me to help him create his website for a new business he was opening. Within the same month, I worked with someone I met on LinkedIn to update his website and was looking at job roles I thought would be applicable for me within digital marketing.

With a high interest in subjects from SEO, PPC Ads and having worked with a national newspaper agency within 2017, my desire to become heavily involved with Digital Marketing was born.

I completed Google Adwords Certification alongside HubSpot’s certification in content marketing, and was very interested. I continued to study, and went on to the Digital Marketing Diploma from the Institute of Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing diploma completed – January 2018

In January, I concentrated solely on studying my entire diploma within the month, and booked the exam for the end of January.

With several subjects, I studied:

  • Digital Marketing Foundations
  • Website Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO
  • Paid Search (PPC)
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Display Advertisements
  • Analytics
  • Digital Strategy

Enough to make my eyes bleed!

Damn right. It was a great success, my diploma was a success, I absolutely smashed the result:

Digital Diploma Certificate

Humble beginnings – February 2018

February was a busy month!

I started with a local fitness instructor, Ric Bennett. We met at a job I had a local business, and he was getting serious about promoting his services. I agreed to do his website and help with his social media marketing strategy for free, and this is where my business started.

He referred a friend, Gareth Hartley, who allowed me to work with him to re-brand his business through a new website and with my ideas for content marketing.

With this, SME Social was born; the idea of combining websites, social media marketing and content was such an enlightenment. On top of that, I had a way of getting out of obscurity. I’d do fifteen blogs, as HubSpot had suggested for any company wanting to make some noise with their content efforts, and I started a new promotion: ten free websites to local businesses within February.

I completed many websites within February. and got serious about my own content marketing and social media presence.











Business and services structured, company formed







The idea that people need an expert within their digital marketing was only really conceived by me as I started working with my first paid client. As a hypnotherapist, my client charges over one hundred pound per hour. By hiring me to complete his digital marketing, it means he can pay for my services at a much lower rate, have an expert in digital marketing working on his online brand and can concentrate on his own branding, making authentic videos and working within his remit and with his clients.

The truth is, having someone working with company on your digital marketing is what most local businesses need to stand out.

That’s why I’m excited to announce our digital marketing services, our amazing high-value package deals and extremely happy to be working on client’s blogs and looking at developing a digital strategy for someone who is doing the work that I am extremely passionate about and who is making a difference to their local communities by working with those with addictions and other mental health issues that we all have seen our friends or family suffer with, or may have indeed gone through ourselves.

I’m in talks about some websites, I’m helping some people with their digital strategy that may indeed turn into monthly contracts, but I’m officially open for business and free to work on any project you may need from me right now.

I’d like to thank everyone who has allowed me to create their website, design their logo and work on their online brand over the last two months, and I’m ready to expand and grow this business in accordance with the effort I put in to develop my own skillset and the time and resources I put into the company in order to assure growth.

Ready to do business? I certainly am. Get in touch if you need help getting your brand online. I’m finally ready!