After two weeks of client calls, speaking to people from all industries, it seems that web designers have a knack for ripping people off. It also seems that the regular 1&1 hosting, GoDaddy hosting and other popular hosting services charge their customers far too much for useless, irrelevant things.

It also seems that my industry, the “SEO Experts” out there, are charging people for services that seem to be non-existent. Let’s chat some more about the fees your small business is paying for your website, and what you should actually be paying…

Website Design Fee

I’ve spoken to people who have paid £500 for a website – a website that’s not completed.

Here’s the steps for how I work (our prices start at £250 for a modern and professional website)

  • Take Your Company Specifications & Establish Needs (60 minutes)
  • Register Your Domain (5 minutes)
  • Host Your Website (15 minutes)
  • Install WordPress (10 minutes)
  • Download & Install A Premium WordPress theme (20-30 minutes)
  • Create Pages & Menu (20 minutes)
  • Produce Content For Your Pages (120-180 minutes)
  • Ask For Your Feedback (30 minutes)
  • Change As Required (60-120 minutes)

It costs me £50 to host your website and register your domain. It takes me around 6-8 hours to create a website.

Here’s what one new client paid £500 for:

  • Registered Domain (5 minutes)
  • Host Website (15 minutes)
  • Install WordPress & Non-Premium Theme (20 minutes)
  • Create Pages & Menu (20 minutes)

One hour. It cost him probably £50 to host the site, and domain. £450 profit, one hours work. WHY? The company now has to pay me to redesign their website. Thankfully, I’m doing it for free – because they agreed to pay me for my monthly services afterwards.

I get it, you don’t know what to do. You don’t know how to host a site. You’re not sure how to edit websites. That’s why I offer hosting, design AND CREATE THE CONTENT for your business website. Otherwise, you’re left with a shell of a site like my client was (literally pages, with no content, no information about his services or company, and no skills/expertise to edit the site…).

I also don’t believe in “make you a website, then leave you.” This is why within February I have been offering free websites, to sell people marketing services for those sites afterwards (not everyone has bought, but I now have some contracts that are long-term). It’s also why I will be offering websites, hosted, domain, with content and a professional design starting at £250, with a £50 renewal for the year. This also includes all SEO work, email addresses, hosting fees, etc.

You’re paying for my speciality. I have commercial licences for 100s of premium themes that is worth £50 – £100 alone. Furthermore, hosting a website would usually cost you in the region of £100 – £200 per year. My advise to everyone would be to ensure that you know:

  • What is included in your web design (is the content included?)
  • Your yearly renewal fee (some people I spoke to didn’t even know!)
  • The work your client has done before (check their website, portfolio, reviews, social media presence)
  • What other offers are available in the industry (check out my services, I can help you get online).

Hosting Fees

Hosting fees. Oh, no. Hosting fees. GoDaddy. 1& They’re no good! They have these “special offers” that often run out within a month or two, leaving you with an expensive bill. They also upsell you add-ons that you don’t need at all.

One of the best examples I can give is a client I spoke to recently. He’s with one of the big companies, and pays £20 per month for his emails, he then pays £30 month for his hosting. He pays £400 per year for a website builder he doesn’t use. He also has other services such as the SEO packages, I think he said he paid £150/month for that. He couldn’t even tell me what it did for his site.

Not only that, but his website was poorly optimized, he’d paid £500 for some designer to create this site (on his website builder he’s also paying £400/month) for and has not received no leads from the website in the last 18 months, and has no way to track the traffic to his website or the conversions.

Wow. Just wow.

Don’t be stuck with massive hosting fees, mixed with all these “add-on” services that your hosting provider will gladly offer you. It’s all just a waste of your money, even if it’s only £400/year – it’s still there!

Email Address Fees

Are you paying £20/month for an email? A recent prospect I phoned was. Don’t. Just don’t.

Email addresses cost me NOTHING to create for my clients, and that’s exactly what I charge. If you have your website hosting with me (costs nothing with a website created at £250, then £50/year) – you’ll get your email addresses included in the price.

Don’t be paying stupid prices for accessible email addresses.

Website Builders

As mentioned earlier, if you’re paying for a website builder, you’re probably be ripped off. And your website is possibly terrible.

I mentioned the client earlier, but I’ve had many people tell me they have website builders. I didn’t ask specifically if they paid for them, but one client advised this cost him £400 per year. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but if you don’t use it – there’s at least a good weeks wage there.

Get your website professionally designed once for £250 with our service. Hosted, designed, created, with all your content done. Don’t pay £400 a year for a website builder that you probably never use.

“SEO Fees”

Are you paying some form of “SEO Fee” that has no tangible benefit?

Most likely, if you’re paying per year or per month for an “SEO Service” – you’re probably paying for nothing. Unless there is some CONTENT MARKETING involved, then you’re certainly not getting anything.

Read more about what SEO in my simple explanation – get to know what SEO is before you start paying for anything that includes the words “Search Engine Optimization.” It’s getting ranked on Google, that’s it.

Local Listing Fees

I worked at a company that offered “local listing” for £100 per month. This consisted of one thing: putting their website on ONE platform that directs that information to all relevant local listings to their service and location. There was nothing to do monthly, and the only benefit was that they would update their information when applicable. How often do you change your information such as location and phone number for your business? Does that warrant a £100 per month service?

I doubt it. Don’t pay monthly for local listings. It’s not worth it. Don’t even pay £250 or £500 one-time pay for this service, either. List yourself on Yell and other local directories, or get it as part of any of our monthly services within content or social media marketing.



Content Marketing

Pay for well-written, effective content that engages your readers. Content marketing usually comes in the form of blogs; but you can also create E-Books, Infographics, Whitepapers and other forms of content to engage with your audience.

For more information regarding content marketing, you should read our blog on how Content Marketing can help your Small Business.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is where people’s attention are. You need to be there. It can be time-consuming, and if it’s not your area of expertise, you may be lost. Particularly when it comes to determining whether or not your social strategy is actually working.

We recommend mixing your social media and content marketing strategy together, but instead of the fees above, this is something that adds value to your online presence, saves your time, and has tangible results.

Strategy, Analytics & Tracking

A well-defined digital marketing strategy can work wonders for you long-term. So can tracking your conversions and the analytics of your website. If you’re going to pay a monthly or yearly fee, get someone to design you a content and social media marketing strategy, and follow-through with the work. Don’t pay for email addresses, website builders you don’t use and “SEO Fees” that is literally a one-time service you continue to pay for. Pay for a real, effective, tangible plan that can work wonders for your online presence.