Frequency Is The Key To Success In Content

I truly believe content marketing is the best way to put yourself in front of your customer. If done effectively, you will be targeting customers on their problems, and answering them. Why wouldn’t they want to do business with someone who has the expertise to help them, and is consistently showing their are eager to assist them in growing their business, solving their DIY issue or helping them fix their car?

Whatever your problem is, someone has a solution – and for that solution, you’ll pay money. To get in front of people, with money, you need content. To show them your competent enough to take them money from them. It’s business, right?

Here’s eleven reasons why I think you should be producing content every day.


Publish half of it, and you’ll be in the top 10% of creators online.

Not everyone has the capacity to write everyday.” That’s wrong..

Not everyone provides themselves with the motivate to write every day.

The fact is, if you publish just half of your work, meaning you have fifteen blogs published every month, you’re ahead of 90% of everyone else already. If that isn’t reason enough, then there’s plenty more.

Trust me. It’s the key to success in 2018.. producing every single day means..

Your quality will increase dramatically

Look, if you do something every day, do you think you’ll get better at it? Producing every day means that it becomes an habitual aspect of your life, it’s just “there.” But if you’re doing this actively, you’ll start to look at content with a long-term perspective, meaning you know that after one year if you manage to publish a blog every two days, you’ll have 160 pieces of work.

Not only that, but you’ll be looking at the best pieces of content, what you did right, what you did wrong, what got shared and what didn’t. You’ll look at other content differently.

You’ll start to realise what is needed, and what is not needed in your content. That is extremely important. You reach out to other people in the field, you start to notice who blogs regularly and what their response rate is. And it’s dramatically higher than those who sporadically produce content… and so is their quality.

Just think about it. Doing something every day? Getting more effective of it? Usually goes hand in hand. Content is no different.

Your SEO rank will sky-rocket

It’s no secret that content is the best thing to raise your authority online. How else can you showcase your expertise, reach new customers and engage with your audience more effectively than delivering valuable content that they’re actively searching for and will make their lives easier? Please.

If you put a content strategy in place, you will be delivering content that is based on keyword research, meaning they are topics that your target audience are actively looking for.

Over time, this will help you get ranked on Google for popular topics related to your services, it’s pretty simple.

You’ll make new connections

It gives people a topic to reach out to you about. It also gives you ammunition for your social media strategy overall. This will help engage your customers, build new connections and brand your business online.

Trust me, if you’re blogging every day, people speak. They reach out. They comment and share, or like, which gives you a way to reach out to them. I prospect with my content, when people like certain articles, I often message them, thanking them and asking how they’re doing with their online presence.

AsĀ  you all well know, online relationships build over time. Eventually, these messages can lead to business. If you’re equipping a call to action in the right places, you should also see action in the form of new relationships that you refer to as “LEADS.”

It’s brilliant from a branding perspective

Think about it. Two companies, both equal in value, price, branding, identity. One of them has an active blog that is showcases their expertise, company culture, recent projects and work. The other one has an outdated blog that hasn’t seen a post for the last fifty days..

Who do you go with?

It’s the one with the content. Because they seem like the more active business. They’re alive, they’re responsive. You see their latest tweets, they’re engaging with customers online. They’re promoting content that resonates with you and gives you ideas about your own business. Why wouldn’t you want to do business with them?

Meanwhile, you’re left thinking if the other company is still even open, they’re social strategy is a mess, they have little to no content on their website, you can’t see any personality or culture to their company and brand… you get the picture.

You can redistribute your content

Redistributing your content is a heavy job. There are many ways you can redistribute content. Taking a subject and making a blog is fine, but you can take that same content and make a step-by-step video, exploring each point in more detail.

One of my favourites and most obvious contender would be to turn your blog on a popular topic into an E-Book. We recently (yesterday) released an E-Book about content marketing, which was also a 3000 word blog.

If you publish enough content, you can do things like that. Without the content, it would be hard…

Your analytics will be a lot, lot easier

Your analytics has data on the content you’ve produced. If you’re publishing once every day, you have 30 pieces of content that you can analyse and compare. If you only published once per week, you’d have four pieces that you could compare.

Think about that for a second….

If you have thirty different pieces of data, all of which you can cross-examine, look at the traffic generated, time spent viewing, bounce rate, and many other metrics that are important in your content marketing, wouldn’t it be a much better experiment than only have four pieces? I’d say so, which is why last month I published just short of 20 blogs.

It requires very little effort (eventually)

Eventually, this becomes an habit. Speaking from experience, I’m at the point that if I don’t write, I feel like I’m missing out. For a small business owner, if you still have the enthusiasm and passionate about your industry that you should have, this can be a very enjoyable, pleasant experience.

If you’ve got the point that you’re extremely busy and can’t push one hour aside (or two, three..) to write content that will allow you to market yourself effectively, then you should hire me, and let me help you with your digital marketing (I’m just saying, it is what I do..)

If you’re already creative, that’s great. If not, you should set yourself goals, aims, objectives to achieve with your content in order to keep you engaged and motivated. Give your content a purpose. Eventually, it will get easier and your content will increase in value

It’s the best way to market your business in the 20-18

People want content. It’s what they are used to. They want to see your personality in your brand. They want to see that you know what you’re talking about. They want to see a connected, personal, real business in this void we call the “Internet.” We’re in an era in which the consumer is always in charge of where they spend their money, and what they buy. They can research your competition, they can see every review ever left about your company online. They want to see your active on Facebook, you have a Google presence and that you’re actively producing content and engaging with customers.

Content is the foundation of all of that. It helps keeps your website alive through a blog, helps keep your social media strategy fresh and engaging, and helps showcase your brand and identity online. Think about it, produce something daily to keep your customer engaged.

It gives you ammunition for a newsletter and email marketing

Why wouldn’t you want to engage your audience with new material every day? Number one: it shows consistency, frequency and an active and vibrant company, but the second and possibly more important reason: in puts you in front of potential customers every single day..

Again, it’s a no-brainer. Just as with your social media strategy, you can hit people with your content through emails, messages and even a newsletter at the end of the month, which will contain 20+ pieces of material that your audience can indulge themselves in..


You’ll convert more customers online…

Content marketing is a long-term SEO strategy that will (eventually) get you ranked higher on Google, increase your authority online and helps to showcase your expertise. If you provide the right information, do the correct research and provide value to your customers, this will eventually result in business. Just one month into starting my business, I’m already seeing some results from my content (I do produce every day), but this is all about the long-term…


Do you want a long-term SEO strategy that will help you get more leads online? Content marketing could help your business rank online, whilst showcasing your expertise and helping to keep your business look active and engaged online. Get in touch below, and let’s talk.

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