Have you just got your business online, grown your following and started to engage with your followers? How can you take that attention and turn those “followers” into “customers”?

Generate The Right Attention

Are you generating the right attention online? Picture your target audience… What are the problems? Is what you are saying relevant to their problems? Are they actually seeing what you’re posting? Posting relevant content on the right platforms, you will ensure that you are reaching potential customers with every tweet you send and Facebook post you create.

The attention can then be used to send traffic to your website, engage with your followers, download your E-Book, view you as an authority figure in your domain, and ultimately purchase from you. How? Well, it depends what you do with the attention when you are attracting the right people, you still need to know how to turn that attention into sales.

State Your Intention

By “state your intention” – I mean state the intention to sell, or close. By promoting yourself in the right way and to the right people, you can clearly state your intention  to sell – or work with your clients, whatever – in your posts, in your messages, in your content. Whether that is by prospecting and reaching out to people on LinkedIn or simply promoting your services throughout your Facebook activity, you need to ensure that you are stating your intention to grow your own customer base.

Whilst you should be looking to entertain people on Facebook, inform people of the latest industry knowledge on LinkedIn, engage with people on Twitter and share your latest team photo on Instagram, all of this is brilliant but you must state the intention when it comes to closing your customers.

This could be a recruitment campaign run across multiple social channels or you could simply be reminding customers of your services, perhaps you are prospecting on LinkedIn or looking to directly promote a specific service on Facebook, your marketing efforts should be looking to sell your service to customers that will benefit from your offering. Sell your company to new potential employees, promote the benefits of your business, talk about solutions to your customers problems. Showcase your value, then state the intention to work with new people who will benefit from your offering.

Make It Easy

If you have a social following, you should make it easy for them to buy from you. Ensuring you are accessible and easily contactable in the world of instantaneous communication seems like a logical step, right? Quite often we find that people have not optimized their online presence to ensure that people know how to get in touch.

Are you contactable? Can you be searched on Google? Do you have a website that offers more information? How do I purchase from you – can this be done online, or do we need to go through the details over the phone? Generally, people want to be told how to purchase from you. A simple call to action button on Facebook can work wonders, as can optimizing your Google+ presence to ensure that you are easily found with a Google Search.

Whatever it is you’re looking to do, make sure it’s easy to consume and understand, and it’s easy to follow-up on. Otherwise, your potential customer will go to the next business, whose information is up to date and who are contactable instantly.

Reach Out

Prospecting on social media has become common place in today’s society. Whether you are replying to a query from a customer on Twitter or looking to gain a new prospect from connecting with new leads on LinkedIn, it is evident that the way in which we now form new business relationships is changing dramatically through the use of social media platforms.

The fact is, social media has people’s attention. And those people can be reached out to, in the millions.

Why would you not make use of that? If you are looking to form new, mutually beneficial relationships that will help your prospect increase the performance of their business and expand their company, why would you not reach out to people to introduce yourself and follow-up with those people to sell your product?

Starting your engagement on social, introducing yourself and your company, talking to potential new customers online to figure out their current situation and how you can add value serves as a good basis to later turn into a phone call, and perhaps a business deal.

Analyse & Track Conversions

Particularly if are directing people to your a website, you should certainly be making use of the tools available to track your customer;s behaviour. Facebook Analytics is great when you are analysing your social following, but a fully implemented Google Analytics will allow you to better analyse the behaviour of your target audience and how they are interacting with your brand online.

By tracking your use behaviour and the conversions you are having with online customers, you can better optimize your results, For example, one way you can optimize your spending is to test different ways to engage with your audience using split testing, meaning you run several advertisements at the same time in order to determine how to best engage with your audience. The advertisement that does the best can then be the one that you continue to use long-term and will provide the best result for your investment.

Whichever platform you use, ultimately allowing you to calculate a return on investment, tracking anything down to the cost per acquisition of each customer, can be crucial in your digital strategy. Making use of the data and adapting your strategy is one of probably the only way to not fall behind with your digital strategy. And if you’re putting money into those advertisements, I’d advise you would want to know the results.