Could a digital marketing agency help you with reaching your customers through social media? At SME Social, we offer packages designed to help you increase your online brand, promote yourself more effectively and generate more leads online. One of the ways we do that, in fact the primary way we help businesses do this, is through our social media management packages.

Today, I’ll discuss how I can help you by handling your social media and helping you effectively brand yourself and connect with your customers through social media, and the benefits you have from hiring me:

Build A Long-Term Plan

Working with a social media marketing agency will allow you to not only fully take advantage of all the social networks available, but it will allow you to have your ideas turned into a long term strategy that will scale your digital presence.

Having goals in place can allow you to have objectives and aims, such as converting more customers, growing your audience, having more engagement with your followers can work wonders — a good agency will ensure these efforts attracts your target audience and can be analysed and measured over time to ensure you are making the relevant changes to reflect the latest trends.

Mixed with your content marketing, your new strategy should encompass a full editorial calendar, with multiple marketing campaigns planned that are specific to aims for your company’s needs. This can help you keep track of upcoming opportunities to promote your organisation and stay in tune with your online branding efforts.

Provide A Return On Investment

With access to information as easy as ever, customers are now in charge of the sales process. Similarly, it’s easy to find yourself building your own brand online, often with small business owners trying to run their own advertisement campaigns – with no way set up to track their progress.

Quite often, I speak to local business owners who have spent money on Advertisements on many platforms such as Google and Bing but also Facebook and Twitter, with no experience of running marketing campaigns and having set up no way to track their spending and return on investment.

A digital marketing agency working with you on your digital strategy can help you manage your advertisement budget and use it more effectively. Furthermore, they can help you set up your analytics, providing insights into your customers behaviour and allowing you to conduct split testing across your advertisements and create more engaging advertisements that better reflect your company and attract your target audience.

Generate New Leads

We work with small businesses, so we understand that if you are spending money on advertisement, you sure want to ensure that you are generating new business and revenue for your organisation. If you want to generate leads on social media, an agency can help you generate new traffic to your website through the use of target advertising that will increase engagement with your brand and ultimately conversions either online or in-store.

As a marketing agency, speaking from experience – I personally ask the business owners questions regarding their current situation in business, how much work they have, if their capacity for work is higher than their average, how much more work could they take, what type of work is the best for them, and we look to drive business to them in coordination with their ability to scale and based upon the work that they appreciate the most (generally, a plumber would rather fit a full bathroom than just fix someone’s tap – a larger project would be preferable).

I then use this information to build them a strategy to increases their business in a meaningful way. We can even speak about effectively recruiting through social media to save cost on hiring and agency fees, if that is one of your aims. Usually, it is better customer service and engaging with potential customers in a more meaningful way, but there are plenty of ways businesses can benefit from using social media.

Keep Up To Date With Digital Marketing Trends

Social media marketing can require much effort. When you think about the several different platforms that you can use to engage with your target market, it can quite often be overwhelming to think you have to keep up with the on-going changes in the digital marketing industry, whether that be social, google ads, digital display advertising, email marketing, or the forever-ending list of specific roles within digital marketing.

As professionals working in the digital marketing field, when you are working with a digital marketing agency you have access to expertise that is relevant to the current times (or you would hope so). Speaking personally, I know as a digital marketing professional I am constantly keeping myself up to date with the latest trends and changes in the market, I have the experience of working across multiple platforms and planning marketing campaigns and strategies, but as well as this I am ensuring that I am educated by completing the Institute of Digital Marketing diploma course this year.

If that won’t keep you up to date with the latest trends, perhaps you should take a minute to think about the amount of time that you must invest into growing your brand online, and ask if it would be better to outsource that work to someone else.

Frees Up Your Own Time

Social media marketing can also be a time consuming ordeal. You must keep your accounts active every day, you have to set up your online branding, grow your social media accounts, create new content in order to engage with your followers, provide customer service, generate new leads, manage your advertisement spending, look at the analysis of your efforts in order to optimize your results.

Generally, we say it takes at least 10 to 15 hours per week in order to execute a successful marketing campaign within your digital presence and in particular social media, including all of the aspects above. Could that time be better used serving your own clients and focusing on the day to day operations of your business?

Have Consistent, On-Going Support

Again, with an agency, you have access to expertise and experience that will reassure you that you are committing yourself to the right marketing budgets, ensuring you that you have the resources to reach your goals and achieve your digital marketing and business objectives.

Often, an agency will send you monthly reports that showcase your progress, presenting the relevant data and information available to you in a format that will allow you to track and measure your results over time. We provide reports both weekly and monthly to our clients, depending on the type of service they have with us, and use this data to serve their next months strategy with on-going analysis and constant communication.

With consistent and on-going support from a specialist in the digital marketing field, this will keep you rest assured that your followers are engaging with your content and this is eventually leading to more conversions and sales for your business.

Ensure Your Are Maximizing Your Exposure

It may be that you have a large following, or access to a market online that you have yet to take advantage of. Using a social media marketing agency will allow you ensure that you have the maximum amount of exposure for every dollar you spend on advertisement, or for every piece of content created.

When you work with us, we ensure that we do a full situational analysis to help us understand your current place in the market, which allows us to create a long-term plan that have actionable step in order to effectively market your digital presence to the right audience, on the right platforms and in a specific timeframe that is measurable and goal-orientated.

If you are mixed your social media efforts with a full-scale digital marketing agency, outsourcing this work to an agency allows it to be managed in one place and with your goals and aims in mind, all of which can be tracked and analysed over time to ensure you are again maximizing your exposure to the market and your industry.

Have Consistency In Your Branding Online

It’s alright to have an online image, but are you consistent in your branding? As an agency that you outsource work to, we take in consideration your target audience and your unique selling point within the market you are in, and try to curate content that is specific to your online image.

If you’re a company that have multiple people trying to market online, you may all have different levels of expertise and experience in this field, which means you will have inconsistent results. Perhaps you are trying to run the marketing process on your own, but you often find you are inconsistent due to lack of time and resources.

That’s understandable, which is why we would suggest that, if you cannot fully commit to branding yourself consistently and providing on-going customer support and insights into your company through your social media channels, you may need the help of a social media marketing agency in order to ensure you are connecting with your audience on a daily basis.


Do you feel like you need an agency to help take your digital marketing efforts to the next level? SME Social service include content marketing, social media marketing and pay per click advertisement management, speak with us to see how you could expand your business online. Get in touch below for a free consultation.