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Project Description

Gem Laundry and Catering

Gem Installs Ltd was looking to expand their business into the commercial laundry industry. We helped them get a new web presence set up that would impress their ideal customer and establish their reputable brand within a new market.

Service Provided

The Brief

Gem Installs Ltd already had a website, but did not have the ability nor the access to update it regularly. The company had recently expanded into a new market that was proving to be lucractive, so Geoffrey get in touch with SME Social to help them establish a new website that was specifically for their new market, supplying and installing Laundry and Commercial Catering equipment across the UK.

The Outcome

Gem Installs now have a new website that is offering their updated services and that represents them professionally.

As we move forward, Geoffery has now decided to start a pay-per-click campaign and SME Social we looking at helping him set up his advertising and offering long-term support to drive leads to this business.


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