Recruitment is a tough gig for any business, and hiring the wrong people can be a huge mistake for companies of any size, never mind small businesses.

Recruitment agency fees, the interviewing, paying their wage and training this individual as you invest resources, time and energy into what is essentially probably the most high-risk investment you will ever make: a new employee.

It can truly make or break companies, particularly when you work within a small team, but for any organisation, hiring the right talent and being able to engage with new prospective employees is a true gift of social media; the ability to transcend your culture, values and brand of your organisation to attract talent within your industry is possibly one of the most innovative ways companies use Social Media, and will continue to do so.

There are three primary reasons you want to hire through social media:

  • Your biggest fans are going to be there. And you want your employees to be your biggest fans.
  • It breathes customer service and loyalty, as well as being extremely personable and human
  • We have a social media platform specifically created for this purpose…

Being a highly successful recruitment consultant was primarily because I have 8000 LinkedIn connections, and utilized that social media as a tool to recruit. It was also because I was shit-hot on the phone and made far too many calls to count every day, but LinkedIn help. Here are four ways I learned to use social media to recruit the top talent in your industry.

Build your network

Before you look to hire anyone on social media, you must first ensure you have a core network for fans and people you are connected with that you can actually reach out to. Social should be a priority for you anyway, but in regards to recruitment please considering the following

  • LinkedIn is the best for specifically targeting people in your industry, but you want to be active on all social networks if possible.
  • Use Groups to promote yourself as an industry specialist & attract the right people
  • Reach out to people directly

When you are looking to hire on social media, you should look to build a core set of followers and fans who love your brand

You should be actively engaging with your followers anyway, but if you want to hire people via social media – that needs to be taken up a notch.

  • Build your followers with your social media presence
  • Engage with your followers as much as possible
  • Do more than just promote your services on Social… build your brand.

If you’re having trouble, read our ideas on how you can actively engage with your followers on Facebook

Develop your brand, showcase your team and company personality

Who wants to work for someone they don’t know? You should doing everything to showcase your personality online, but there are three things specifically that I feel will help you when it comes to hiring people through social:

  • Posts photographs of your team, office and work culture
  • Continuously showcase training days, events, ways your staff benefit from your company
  • Don’t over-sell and over-promote. Make it look natural.

Ensure to engage followers with a thorough, well planned recruitment campaign

You should be making sure that you are planning for your recruitment campaign. This needs to be within your content, within your social posts  and throughout your web presence (online, etc). After promoting yourself as someone they want to work for, you now have to let them know you’re hiring. And do it regularly, this helps you get the most applications and ensure you find that dream candidate for the job role you have vacant.

  • Plan your recruitment strategy three months in advance
  • Make a landing page on your website for the new job role (to apply)
  • Post regularly on the recruitment process, and engage candidates on social

Incorporate Content Marketing to become someone they WANT TO WORK FOR

Who wants to work for a company with no voice? Let’s face it, the way a company presents itself online says a lot about whether you want to even turn up to the interview. Have you ever gone to a website, or social media page, of a company that you’re going to interview for. What if it’s a very poor website, and their social has been inactive for the last six months, or even worse promoting terrible content?

  • Engage your audience with insightful and educational information
  • Ensure your content is relevant to your target audience
  • Make sure it’s regular, and consistent

If you want to hire better people, use Social Media. It’s that simple. Save yourself the recruitment costs whilst giving your company a strong sense of community within the same social networking platforms you’re engaging your customers with.